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All Services 6 Days A Week


All Services are Available 6 Days a Week! Due to demand we have recently expanded our practitioner base to cover Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Chinese Her.. Read More

Kristina Staats - Naturopath / Acupuncturist


Kristina Staats has recently moved to the Health & Healing Wellness Centre. She brings with her 21 years experience in nutrition, wester.. Read More

Ultrasound Lipocavitation


Ultrasound Lipocavitation: Skin 'N' Tonic has now been running Lipocavitation for several months and has been seeing some great results. Clients h.. Read More

Amino Acid Compounding


AMINO ACIDS are the building blocks of all supplements and medications provided by any health practitioner. Our AMINO ACID laboratory has developed hi.. Read More

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Welcome to the Health and Healing Wellness Centre Brisbane

"Our natural health clinic enhances the quality and enjoyment of life"

We all want to live longer, enjoy life more and be free from disease and stress. Embarking on a naturally healthy life journey is one way to ensure that you are in total control of your lifestyle and healthcare solutions. Let the Health and Healing Wellness Centre revitalise your mind, body and soul.

Looking for Holistic Health Brisbane?

Our centre offers a range of natural remedies so whether it is relaxation, renewal or results you are after, all of our treatments are focused on ensuring that your journey through life is positive and balanced.

Brisbane's best Naturopaths!

Our Brisbane Naturopaths have a wide range of knowledge and skills in successfully treating many conditions.

Tina and Jean-Paul are passionate about improving your health and well being.

Weight Loss, Fertility and more!

Acupuncture has been getting great results for over 5000 years. If it didn't work Greg, Jean-Paul and Tina wouldn't still be doing it. The results speak for themselves.

Find out why it's lasted the test of time!

Back Pain, Neck Pain and Headaches is our speciality!

Our Chiropractor Luke will ensure you have a healthy spine for overall health and wellbeing.

Book in for a FREE spinal assessment so we can determine the current condition of your spine!

Health and Healing Wellness Centre has it's own Cellulite and Beauty Clinic called Skin N Tonic.

NOVEMBER SPECIAL - Non-Surgical Face Lift

$99 - Includes 4 bonus treatments!

Check out our range of beauty and cellulite treatments.

Our practice is one of the most sizeable healthcare centres based in North Brisbane. Our team consists of 9 skilled and passionate practitioners with over 150 years combined experienced in delivering quality natural heath therapies to the Brisbane community.

Natural Health

Natural Health Clinic?

Naturopaths, Acupuncture, TCM, Chiropractors, Massage, Beauty & Cellulite Treatments and more.

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The Health and Healing Wellness Clinic Brisbane is about using holistic health therapies, combined with the experienced of our practitioners to ensure that we can build and restore heath and overall wellness through diet, exercise and a wide natural therapies including:

Acupuncture Brisbane

Acpuncture is heath care developed over five thousand years ago that involves the stimulation of certain specific points on the body to enhance the flow of vital energy (Chi) Our Acupuncture clinic can treat a wide range of conditions through acupuncture....learn more about Acupuncture

Naturopath Brisbane

Explore the sciences of natural medicine through Naturopathy. Nutrients are the building blocks to good health. Remember you are what you eat and therefore combining a range of natural supplements with our expert knowledge can make the most drastic of changes to your health. Our Brisbane naturopaths use a wide range of treatments and can customise a wellness package just for you..... learn more about Naturopathy

Why not try us and find out what makes us different?
Simply fill in our online consultation booking form and we'll be in contact!

Chiropractor Brisbane

Chiropractors specialise in the detection, correction and prevention of muscle and joint problems for the whole body, relieving pain and improving health. Our chiropractor understands the importance of a healthy spine and central nervous system. Our Chiropractors services are both for treatment and prevention.....learn more about Chiropractors

Traditional Chinese Medicine Brisbane

Health care techniques that were developed in China and other parts of East Asia dating back over five thousand years. TCM Brisbane

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage holistically treats the whole body and traces the discomfort as far as possible back to the original cause, healing both the cause of the disorder as well as the symptoms.

Skin N Tonic Beauty Therapy Brisbane

Offering a wide range of beauty treatments Skin N Tonic Beauty Therapy work closely with our natural therapy practitioners to complete the holistic plan for your health and well-being.

June Special Offer - Ultraderm Skin Cleanser Treatment
Purchase our Ultraderm Skin Cleanser Treatment is month for only $65 and receive a FREE Botanical Extracts Skin Cleanser to suit your skin type. Don't miss out Book Now!

So join the Health & Healing Wellness Centre family!

Eating good food, implementing home remedies, taking supplements and displaying a healthy positive attitude allows the Health and Healing Wellness Clinic customers to take control of their lifestyle.

If you have a particular condition or problem and want to know how we can help and who you should see use our Conditions we treat for an A - Z of the most common disorders and problems we address every day.